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that was torpedoed and lost in the war of the pacific. we will never forget how the navy and the army came to our rescue. the port was occupied 90% by the army and the navy. our history is so rich and makes us so proud to welcome you home to see the next generation of military personnel who are coming both men and women, bringing their families and reuniting in san francisco. you honor us by coming here for fleet week. i have for you, bear with me. a plaque which i will find a small space on that large ship and every time you come, you bring sunshine in some fashion and you are always welcome here. thank you for your hospitality. thank you. [applause]
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>> if you will all indulge me for one more minute. on behalf of the mayor and my colleagues here today. i want to thank the fleet week committee under the vision of major general myatt. jodie breken ridge, catherine hooper and those i can't possibly remember to name. i know the major general is not a big plaque fan. but we want to show off our partnership and if you will allow me, i have a plaque for you as well. >> thank you. [applause] >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> thank you. so much. i want to thank admiral beaman for what he has done and continues to do for the city. during the 75th anniversary celebration of the golden gate
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bridge. we had the u.s.s. nimitz come under this bridge. thank you so much for that. it was wonderful. >> i would like to have the senior officer military in the bay area come talk next. he's the coast guard officer, the commander of the half the coast guard stretching from, i think he says, well he covers the whole pacific. but before he really gets to talk, i want to say that i announced it last night. we had a softball tournament yesterday. usually the fire department, they have a professional team. the game was tied at seven inings and went two extra inings and the coast guard team won. they had a false alarm fire
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thing to call. so the guys had to leave so they could win. anyway, it was a great thing. vice admiral z. has been a terrific partner in this. admiral, if you would come up, he is our senior military officer in the bay area. thank you so much for all you do. >> mike, thank you so much. the senior military officer is so humbling. my father at the age of 16 was one of two million that set sail under the golden gate bridge. years before, his family landed on elis island. we spent the last two days talking about partnerships. we were honored to have
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secretary schulz be engaged through the entire process. we had the mayor, chief of police and it's all about partnerships. when fleet week breaks down. i know the committee under our leadership will start planning for fleet week 2013. when the last ship sets sail. there will be 4000 coast guard men and women that call san francisco their home and we are very honored to be a part of this great community that we call san francisco and the greater bay area. today we have over 70 ships on the water. they're here primarily providing protection. one of our alameda ships is up in the arctic as we look to expand water and sovereignty, doing work with our canadian partners. it was the same ship that set sail to participate in rim-pac.
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i had to buy him a nice bottle of riesling because she had to ship from aloha atire to winter attire. for people that say the coast guard is shallow water. but we go to madagascar and the north pole. they wear a similar uniform to ours. the coast guard keeps your ships for a long time. the cutter sherman will serve 10 years before we retire her. she will be in the parade of ships today. some of the boats are the same
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volunteers. great patriots serving our nation in a voluntarily capacity. as the senior officer of the coast guard, i am humbled by the people we serve in this great community. i cannot thank the st. francis yacht club for hosting this. mahalo to all of you. >> i will turn this over to lieutenant galvin. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen. commodore stoneberg, this is your house. we're grateful.
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at this time, the parade of ships will begin momentarily. ♪ ♪ >> the united states coast guard has provided security zones to ensure a safe fleet week. there will be four stations to provide security and they have coordinated with roughly 20 cities to provide state and fire. there are 4000 coast guard
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stationed in and around the area. cutter training personnel. the chef school in petaluma. the u.s. coast guard is a service of less than 50,000, the size of a new york city police department. the public safety and security are always major concerns for the coast guard. while some coast guard men and men will celebrate in fleet week, most will be on duty performing their job protecting the public, and the environment in and around san francisco. with partnership with state and local partners. we recognize the services of the fleet week members, past and present. ladies and gentlemen, you will witness sailors and marines on the decks of their ship in their uniforms. this is manning the rails and one of the oldest traditions from hundreds of years ago.
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today members are stationed along the rail to honor ceremonies. the most common is visiting a port not recently visitd and home, departing for or returning from a visit. this started in 1908 when the great white fleet visited this city. in 1981, dyane finestein started fleet week. it remains a grand celebration with the parade of ships. today, san francisco fleet week serves as a mechanism for urban preparedness and partnerships with local and state agencies. this provides the united states
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military to showcase it's abilities in manages disaster response. more importantly, allows local and state and national first responders to plan, discuss their strategies. whether disaster strikes, we will be ready. first in line for your 2012, san francisco parade of ships in san francisco fire boat phoenix. the phoenix went into service in 1954 with two steam power boats. the public encourages san francisco to suggest a name mr. edward pendergraph suggested the name. fires were some of the most
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difficult problems encountered by the department. fires involving vessels may occur on passenger ships. freighters, tow boats. oil or gasoline barges or other types of vessels. the loma prieto earthquake galvanized them into action. this cause the collapse the many buildings and fires. to the rescue came the phoenix. along with countless volunteer citizens. he's a few statistic, all-welded construction. approximately six feet and bow 10 feet. stern, five feet.
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maximum speed, 15 knots. the phoenix is equipped with radar, radio and is in contact with san francisco fire department and the coast guard. the coast guard and firefighting equipment may it please the court on privately owned craft and available when requested by the san francisco fire department. the crew is a pilot, two marine engineers, ladies and gentlemen, the fire boat phoenix. long may she serve san francisco. next is line is the u.s. navy guided missile destroyer, the u.s.s. rebel.
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equipped with the aegis combat system. it was commissioned in 2002 and deployed last year from san diego as part of the ronald reagan strike group. it was one of first ships to provide humanitarian assistance following the earthquake and tsunami in japan. the first responder, the rebel embarked navy helicopters surveyed the coast line to provide an aerial perspective for the damage to other ships for relief efforts. after hearing first hand from survivors, the crew volunteered to provide assistance. during deployment also conducted
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counter piracy patrol to enforce exclusive zones in the region. should ship's names sake, edward rebel served in the revolutionary war and searched in a bold complain against pirates and helped shape the fighting spirit that has been characteristic of the u.s. navy. the u.s.s. rebel is the sixth ship to bare the next time. there's 9217 tons and can sail in excess of 30 knots. there's 30 officers and 270 enlisted personnel. he has a dove, mac system.
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the vertical launch system, 2, 25 millimeter machine guns. mark 24 torpedo tubes. >> the engineering systems are nothing less than significant. two five blade control propellers. k34 gas imagines. is it commanded by kurt sutherberg. he took command since june 2010. ladies and gentlemen, the u.s.s. rebel. [applause] next in line u.s.s. screwance.
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it's also a guided missile destroyer. the 61st ship in her class and only one year old. the crew celebrated her birthday on hundred and only the second u.s. navy ship to be named for admiral raymond screwance. who commanded the american naval forces at the battle of midway in the philippine sea. it was laid down in may 2009. christened by the admiral's granddaughter. on 5, june, 2010, where the ship was built at a cost of approximately $1 billion.
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the completed ship left on 1 september, 2011 for her commissioning in florida before travelling to her home part the san diego. she is the first of the u.s. navy destroyers to be fitted with an extremely complicated ether net multi-plex system and manufactured by the boeing company. the system provides an internet protocol for backbone and internet services on the ship. it was commissioned in 2011 in key west, florida. command master chief is the senior enlisted sail or. gregory ridel, a california
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native. ladies and gentlemen, this is the u.s.s. screwance. [applause] >> at this time, would vice admiral beaman stand and salute the ship. thank you. sir. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would also like to note that other navy ships are here in the fleet week, but the skipper is the u.s.s. macon island. macon island is docked at pier 30, 32 where she's hosted a seminar for disaster preparedness. skipper would you please rise to pay tribute to your ship. [applause] >> skipper, ladies and gentlemen, the u.s.s. macon
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island commanded by frederick pringle. a native of sumptor, north carolina. she was delivered to the u.s. navy in 2009. she transitioned to the west coast by circumnavigating south america by the straight of majell an. she was commissioned in 2009 of the first class built with energy-efficient turbine gas. steam is used as heating water. she has six operating rooms. 47th bed with regard and a 17 bed intensive care unit. she displaces more than 24,000
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tons. she has the total capacity of more than 3000 on board. she has a 40 year service leg to allow her to stay in service through 2050. there's give me a warm round of applause for the u.s.s. macon. just down the pier. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, next in line is the united states coast guard cutter sherman. this is when our combined naval forces sail through by.
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safety wise, the coast guard saves 14 lives, assist 98 people in distress, conducts more than 75 search and rescue cases. complete over 31 safety control inspection audits on four vessels. perform 18 safety inspections on commercial fishes vessels and maritime investigations. serviced 148 navigation. in terms of security, we interrupted 17 illegal migrants and removed illegal drugs at over a $13 million street value. escourted 20 larger vessels. we board 17 vessels for maritime
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species regulations. facilitate maritime inspections of 15,000 miles of inland water ways and inspect over 60 hazardous containers and hazardous spills. as our wonderful nation's oldest sea going service. the united states coast guard proudly participates in fleet week. this is the coast guard cutter sherman. at this time, please stand and salute the coast guard cutter sherman. >> thank you. please be seated. cutter sherman is the sixth of
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the 12, 378 foot high endurance cutters built in the 1960's. high endurance cutters are the third in class behind the ice breakers and the 418 foot legend class national security cutters. this particular cutter is named for john sherman. the 19th country states men that served as secretary the treasure from and served as secretary of the state spending 30 years in congress as a senator and representative from ohio. sherman was interested from avon dale, louisiana. launched the very same year and
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was commissioned on september 3rd, 1968. sherman was stationed in boston, massachusetts at the beginning of her career, she was stationed in boston. she observed and reported the weather, search and rescue calls and oceanographic studies. the 378 cutters were well built for these that patrols and excellent scientific and communication facilities. in 1971, sherman's emphasize changed from patrol to drug interaction. the sherman seized the panamanian freighter and confiscated the largest drug
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seizure in history. in 1977, the u.s. adopted the 200 mile exclusive economic zone in response to growing concern over marine region. especially off the vast coast line of the north pacific and the berring see. in may of 1979, cutter sherman was transferred to alameda, california. including fishery, law enforcement, drug interactions. sherman and her sister were the only regular u.s. armed forces. >> in may of 1986, sherman was delivered to the shipiard for
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renovatio renovatio shipyard for renovations. [inaudible] >> after completing the trial period of this project, sheave recommissioned as part of new generation fully operational marine vessels as the coast guard celebrated 200 years of service. in july 2001. sherman assisted with the u.s. sanctions in the persian gulf and supported good will in south africa and madagascar and received a medal for the interdiction of a panamanian
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vessel carrying 20 tons of corn where a street value of $600 million. in may of 2011. sherman was transferred to her current home in san diego, california. the coast guard executing national and international missions maintain the positive reputation worldwide, performing a multitude of positions. she is an excellent example of a cutter with proven capabilities in all coast guard facilities. she continues to patrol in the south pacific. she performs a combined fleet exertions and executes fisheries law enforcement and drug and smuggling enforcement as far as the equator and the arctic
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circle. we proudly salute all of you at fleet week 2012. >> personnel wise, cutter sherman has 23 officers, 150 enlisted. 378 feet three inches. draft, just about 16 feet. displacement is 3000 tons. she's got two anchors at 6000 pounds each. two engages 12 cylinder turbo. the valve propulsion, 350 fully retractible. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, the united states coast guard sherman. [applause]
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>> next in our lineup is from canada, her majesty's canadian ship, algonquin. please stand and salute her majesty's ship algonquin. thank you. please be seated. her majesty's ship is an air destroyer of the pacific fleet and one of three remaining tribal destroyers. built in the early 1970's, she was refitted in the early 1990's with sophisticated air weapon systems and

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